Rev Highlights


Our incredible team of authenticator's, grading experts and graphic designers share a common passion for the love of collecting all styles of cards. Your passions are our passions, from collectable sports cards that invoke a memory of an old ball game, to the gaming cards that hold a special place in your quest, we strive to protect your most prized cards.

Revolutionary, DIRECT-TO-SLAB Printing

At RCG, we will never settle for anything less than revolutionary! We are proud to be the first in the card grading industry to utilize groundbreaking printing technology in the slab design and manufacturing process. This means we do not use paper labels!  

The ability to print directly on the slab opens up a whole new avenue for design. The result is not only a slab that looks better in your display case, but also protects your investment, making forging an RCG slab nearly impossible. 

Lightning Fast Turnaround

Unless you are brand new to card collecting, you’re probably well aware of the long wait times at other companies. Six months, or sometimes longer, is not an uncommon scenario. That’s why we are offering a variety of packages from as little as a 3-5 day turnaround time to a 60 day turnaround time and everything in between. Our goals is that no collector decides not to buy that ungraded card because they fear it will take too long or cost to much to be graded. 

For the Collector

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We see it as a privilege and a duty to make the card grading experience as enjoyable as possible.

So, relax. We got this.

is All

Integrity is all. This is a statement we live by. It’s the cornerstone of our company and the guiding principle behind everything we do. 

Every card is graded honestly and fairly.

 No exceptions!